2016 Fredericton Christmas Parade

The annual Kinsmen Santa Claus parade took place on Saturday evening in downtown Fredericton. Businesses and companies decorated cars and floats of all kinds, as excited children of all ages lined the streets.

The cold didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the parade with the theme “A Picture Perfect Christmas,” a long time tradition for many families. Alia Wilson says she and her family come every year to get hot chocolate and enjoy the show. She says she’s not finished writing her letter to Santa yet, but she has a good idea what she wants this year for Christmas.

“I want a few board games like Speak Out and the Pie Face Head to Head Challenge,” Alia said. She and many other kids were also excited to see some familiar faces like friends from school. Alia’s sister Raya was excited to see her best friends dancing for the Bonnie Kilburn’s Dance Center.

“I like the Bonnie Kilburn float because my best friends are on it.”

University students who weren’t ashamed to watch the parade alongside the children. International students who had never been to a Christmas parade before were excited. They all agreed the only thing that would make it better was some snow, but even without it no one was disappointed.

“I really enjoyed the feeling of community during the Christmas parade. Many families gathered along with children waiting in anticipation. It was a lovely experience of Christmas spirit,” said Frances Buttigieg from Germany.

The kids shouted when all the dogs and horses pranced through the parade with bells and sweaters. The different sights had everyone smiling, but the smiles grew when Santa Clause showed up. Kids cheered and waved as he rode through. It was the perfect end, to “A Picture Perfect Christmas” parade.

Families went home with tired, happy children after the parade, everyone anxious to see the theme for next year.


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