Cockadoodles: Dick pics that are fun for everyone

Adult colouring books have become popular in the last year among university students. Many find it relaxing to take time to colour and not think about assignments for a few hours. There are tons of different themes, but none of them seem to have any adult content.

Connor Thompson and Chris Elphik, of Ontario, have finally created one that does. Their book, “Cockadoodles” is a colouring book filled with penis’s. Thompson first came up with the idea while out with his girlfriend who is into adult colouring books. When he noticed that none of them seemed to have any adult content he came up with the idea for a graphic colouring book. When he approached Elphik with the idea, he agreed it was a great idea and so they decided to start the project.

So far the two have had great responses to the book. Everyone they’ve talked to has asked for sample pictures. Some girls were even Snapchatting sample pictures to their friends at a soft launch the two held.

“At a family dinner my grandma, upon finding out this was a project I was doing said bluntly, ‘Oh, so you’re into porn now,’ and that was very uncomfortable.” Said Thompson when asked about how his family took the idea. He says his parents are not excited about the topic, but understand the opportunity.

“I think it’s funny as fuck.” Said Rachel Boyd when asked about her reaction to the book. “I would totally buy one for my mother for Christmas as a joke.” Students from St. Thomas University have all had similar reactions when asked about the book. Many think it would be a great gift to give someone for Christmas and asked where they could purchase one. Thompson and Elphik said they would love to possibly expand and make another colouring books if this one sells well, which they believe it will.

So far there have been few problems with the designing and selling of the colouring book. The biggest problem has been trying to make each page different but keep the same theme throughout the book. At first it was slow to start but now the two say they have had trouble keeping up with their ideas. The two said having been best friends since high school has helped them. They work well together because they have similarities, but also differences which help.

“I tend to over think a lot of things and I tend to see a lot of potential issues with it” said Elphik as he played with the elastic band he had been playing with for the duration of the interview. He said Thompson’s “just do it and see what happens” attitude has helped to put this project in motion. The two have a podcast together which has been successful, so working together on the colouring book has been easy. Their suggestion to anyone looking to start a project of their own is to work with someone they know well.


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