The Harrington Raiders to take on their new home in September

Harrington hall has been closed this year for some much needed upgrades including electrical and water system upgrades. As well as new flooring, wall coverings and furniture.

The Harrington Raiders have been living in half of Vainer Hall for the year while the upgrades have been going on. Many students are planning to live in residence another year so they themselves can live in the “new” Harrington. Desiree Carr, a first year student here at St. Thomas university, is especially excited. She says while Vainer is in decent shape, it could also use a few upgrades too.

“The rooms are really good, but the bathrooms need work.” She, along with many others have made living in Vainer work. Some of the second years who lived in Harrington last year have thought about staying in residence for a third year if it weren’t so expensive or if they didn’t have to pay for meal hall. Autumn Lawrence, the current Harrington president, said if she didn’t have to pay for meal hall she would look at living in residence again.

The renovations are expected to be finished in time for the new school year. Many people are hoping to move into the new Harrington and expect it to be a full house. No matter what happens, the Raiders will be happy to move back across the courtyard and into their true home.


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