What Impact will the American Election have on this Generation?

The American election has huge effects on all generations, but the upcoming one will have a large impact on this generation in particular. In today’s day and age, information is easy to find using the internet or social media. This means that younger generations have no problem following the election and keeping track of what is going on. They are more involved in the election due to the easy access to the information, however many do not take the time to do their own research. They instead rely on what they see in the news and on social media, and so their knowledge is very shallow. This generation has a huge role in this election and how it will go, and in turn, this election will have a big impact on them. Even if many of them do not yet realize this.

After interviewing three Americans, two of which are studying political science, and the third studying international relations, I have a very good understanding of how this election is going to effect Canadian and American people in this generation. They all believe that this election has, an will have an impact on Americans coming to Canada to study an get away from the election and politics. However, it’s hard when they are constantly being asked about the election, their opinion of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, and who they think will win.

Emma Walsh, with duel Canadian-American citizenship, says this year especially, she came to get away from Trump. She believes he has a decent chance of winning and it scares her. She, and many others believe that people were not taking him seriously enough, and that this world could get very dangerous very quickly if he comes to power. “I think it could effect us in really serious ways. I think we need to stop being naïve that Donald Trump is not opposed to all things nuclear war.” Said Walsh.

Nuclear war is very possible, and could have very serious and unexpected changes to our world. Our generation would be effected very drastically if all of a sudden we are pulled into another war and being forced to fight. If international relations are broken between countries, it could be bad for students studying abroad. They could be left stranded in another country, or forced to come home early from their study programs.

Adam Horan believes that this election will cause people to take a bigger interest in the election and in politics if they aren’t already. “I think people are going to realise that anyone can become president, and anyone can vote, and their votes can make a difference.” Said Horan. He hopes that it will in turn encourage more people to get out and vote in elections and help make a difference.

The American election will take place on Tuesday, November 8th. Whether Trump or Clinton will win, no one really knows at this point. What everyone does know, is that whoever does get voted in will have a big impact on this generation, and the generations to come.


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